8 Survey Questions That Will Supercharge Your Content Strategy [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Creating a customer survey is a great way to get to know your audience (which is pretty essential if you’re a marketer). Customer surveys benefit the entire organization, giving insight that can impact your sales strategy, product pricing, website, and the list goes on.

Once you know who your customer is, you can tailor your marketing strategy to fit their needs instead of screaming into the void.

I’m skipping the essentials (e.g. demographics, job title, etc.) and giving you eight unique questions that can directly impact your content strategy.

Plus, download the 25 Kickass Survey Question Bonus Sheet.

1. What Are Three Topics You’d Like to Learn More About?

Asking your audience what they would like to learn more about is the easiest way to layout your editorial calendar. I’d recommend making this a multiple choice question, so your answers aren’t all over the place. Include an “Other” option for those who don’t see what they’re looking for.

The goal here is to learn your customer’s pain points and to help them find solutions. That’s what builds brand trust and a community of influencers.

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2. What Are Your Top Three Job Responsibilities?

If you’re in the business of creating products that help your customers do their job better, this is the question for you. You might have a rough idea of your target audience’s job titles are, but this gives you a more in-depth look at their real stressors. Make this an open-ended question, allowing you to gather as much detail as possible.

3. What’s Standing Between You and Your Next Promotion?

We all want to grow and make more money. So how can your product/service help do that? This question will help you write content for each stage of your customer’s professional growth. It’s a great way to figure out how your organization can fill the gap between where they are now and where they want to be, with content and new products/services.

4. What Are Your Biggest Day-to-Day Challenges?

Here’s where we get down to the nitty-gritty. Use the answers to this question to create freebie resources AKA lead gen resources for your audience. Do they have trouble staying organized? Provide a white paper that helps them do so.

Answers to this question can also help your company on a deeper level. Are your customers working on a tight budget? Start offering payment plans or consider lowering your prices. Are your customers suffering from a lack of technical support? Beef up your customer support team to help them out.

5. Where Do You Go for Industry News?

Learning where your audience goes for industry news allows you to create partnerships or share for share relationships with the right sources. If most of your audience say they like to read product reviews on Jane Doe’s blog, reach out to Jane and ask her if you can do a guest post on her blog. Link that guest post to a lead gen form and you have a steady stream of qualified leads coming in from a credible source.

6. What is Your Preferred Method of Communication?

Where are your ideal customers hanging out? Are they active on social media? Would they prefer print media or email newsletters? Make this question a drop down and learn the best way (and place) to communicate to your audience. Content lives everywhere, from social media to print. Making sure that you are delivering content to your audience in all mediums is extremely important.

7. On a Scale of 1-5, How Would You Rate Our Website?

Your product isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to hitting your goals. If your website isn’t well designed, your sales will suffer. Asking customers to rate your site gives you a look at how they view your company and brand. I’d recommend including a follow-up question here that asks for ways that you can improve your customer’s experience on your site.

8. Why Did You Purchase From Us Versus Our Competitors?

Knowing why your customers purchased from you versus your competitors gives you solid talking points in your content and sales strategy. Now that the internet has taken over the world, consumers have all of the power (as they should). So standing out from your competitors has never been more important. Hearing why they chose you helps you better outline your key selling points. It’s also a great way to use social proof.

What’s the Point?

Customer surveys serve many purposes and benefit the business as a whole. Understanding your customer and taking a look at your organization through their eyes can change the way you approach your marketing mix and sales strategy. If you’re looking for free survey tools, try Survey Monkey or Google Forms. Build your survey and send it to your list with an incentive. If there’s no incentive, your chances of getting people to take the survey are pretty low. Go get ‘em!
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