3 Easy Ways to Get to Know Your Audience

Let’s take a few steps back from the content and talk about your audience. Understanding your audience is essential to creating a marketing strategy that really works. Here are three easy ways to get to know your audience.

Create Customer Personas

The idea here is to create a persona for each type of customer. This process allows you to understand the persona’s pain points, why they might be interested in your product and how to best market to them.

HubSpot is big on creating personas, and they offer a bunch of free resources to help you do so including persona templates and the MakeMyPersona Tool.

The HubSpot templates break the persona’s profile into four sections:

  1. The Who: background, demographics, identifiers
  2. The What: goals, challenges, solutions
  3. The Why: read quotes, common objections
  4. The How: marketing message, elevator pitch

Ask Your Clients

I’m a big fan of direct feedback from existing clients. It gives you a realistic look at how others view your product and why they ended up making a purchase.

As marketers, it’s so easy to get sucked into the “we know what’s best for our clients” mindset versus the “what do our clients need from us” mindset. It happens to the best of us. But when it does it’s time to take a step back and hear from the source.

The easiest way to get to know your clients is to create a survey and send it out via email. These surveys can help you craft your customer personas, and allow you to ask the burning questions most businesses have for their clients. There are tons of free survey tools out there, my favorites are Survey Monkey and Google Forms.

Get Social

Social media is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it basically serve as a free advertising platform (excluding paid ads, of course), it also gives you insight into what your customers are thinking and allows you to engage with them in a non-invasive way.

When getting to know your audience, look for places on the internet where they might be hanging out. Join social media groups to see what they’re talking about. What pain-points are they discussing that your product might be able to solve? What’s their tone when speaking to one another? (Tone is a big deal!)

Don’t just limit it to social media. There are a ton of online forums that might hold pockets of your customers. Scour the internet!

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What’s the Point?

Long story short, researching your target audience is important. Like, REALLY important, especially when it comes to creating content. Having a good idea of who they are, where they hang out, and their wants and needs play a big role in your marketing and content strategy.

Use the data you’ve collected to create content for those specific personas, or the specific problems addressed in your survey. It’ll ensure that your messaging is sharply targeted and that you’re not just screaming into the void.

Emily @ Content Vulture

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